• Taper Cuts

Slanted cut all around the dummy to make the top narrower than the bottom. 

To order this type of dummy:  (Our example 4"  thick  dummy tapered from 10" to 7") 

  1. Order the dummy with the desired basic shape and the diameter 1" greater than the larger dimension of the taper.  In this example  4" thick 11" round.  The extra size provides the extra material needed to ensure the angled cut comes out cleanly at 10 inches.
  2. Order one (1) taper cut for each dummy you want tapered.
  3. Include specifics about the desired top dimension for each taper in the comment section during the checkout.  In this example:  "Taper 4" thick 11" round dummy to 10" to 7"

Feel free to use the Inquiry page if you have any questions or concerns about the order.

Taper Cuts

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