• Sloped Cuts

We offer round and square wedges for decorators who wish to introduce tilt to their design.  The wedges can be used with dummies of the same diameter/width to give a flush look.  They can also be used recessed from the edge of the dummy above.   The wedges are from 6"  to 10"  (round or square) with slope of 2" to 1" or 3" to 1.5".   See our Wedges page.

Sloped cuts are the alternative to the flush wedges and allow you to specify the angle you wish to use for each dummy.   You can order any type of dummy you want and request the slope high/low cut be from  2 to 6" inches.  

Order however many sloped cuts you need.  Order the corresponding dummies, and include in the comments section during checkout what slope cut to apply to which dummy.

NOTE: Our stock thickness measurements are nominal.  6" stock is actually 5 7/8",  5 is 4 7/8" etc.  If you specify the high side to be equal to the height of the stock, it will actually be a bit under those actual heights.   Ex.  a 6" hight 12" round 6"->4" slope will have a slope from roughly 4" to slighly less than 5 7/8".

Sloped Cuts

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