Product Information - Sizing, etc.

The Dummy Place cake boards are made of heavy-duty foamcore boards with double-thick surface liners and a high-density foam center for strength and stability.  The double -thick surface liners are food safe and moisture resistant making our boards ideal for cake design and presentation.

The Dummy Place cake dummies are made with 1" to 6" thick virgin 1# Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), the generic equivalent of Styrofoam®

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my 6" thick items not one solid piece of foam?

We use solid 6" thick stock for those dummies when ever possible.  Sporatic demand for 6" items and difficulties in storing a large quantity of the stock prices it at a premium to thinner stock.  The stock running low sometimes makes it necessary to use laminated 2"+4" or 3"+3" stock.  The strong adhesives we use dry clear and we cut and sand shapes only after the stock is bonded together.  Except for a faint tell-tale seam, these items perform just like solid 6" stock. Whenever we must use laminated stock, a discount will appear on your invoice to reflect we didn't use the premium stock.

Shapes and Sizes

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions when it comes to product sizes.

  • All Hexagon item sizes are expressed as the measurement from point to opposite point. 
  • All Ovals item sizes are expressed as the length measurement from end to end.  The height follows the common proportion of roughly 75% of the length.