The Dummy Place is happy to work with you to produce the dummies you need to realize the cake you envision.  Besides wedges and holes for supports, we offer these additional capabilities:

  • Specialty shapes - We have an extensive library of shape templates gathered over 14 years of business. These include:
  • Polygons - Triangles, Diamonds, Octagons, Pentagons, etc.
  • Curved Shapes - Cresants,Commas, Paisley, etc.
  • Others - Petals, Emeralds, Rounded Triangles, etc.
  • Composites - We can bond stock pieces of material together to create thickness beyond 6 inches.  Dissimilar finished dummies, i.e. rounds, squares, etc.  can be joined together to create more complex shape.
  • Cutting / Sanding/Routing - Beyond contoured edges, we can cut, sand, file or apply a router to stock or composite dummies to create a particular look.   We do have some equipment limitations which can be reviewed based on your needs.  Please see the Special Treatments page under 'Custom Items' for ordering information.