Special treatments made to dummies including:

  • Custom cuts - cut to specification. Ordered by buying 1 or more custom cut units.
  • Holes - to allow internal supports to run through dummies
  • Lamination - gluing standard size dummies together to create custom height dummies or other specialty item
  • Notches - sections cut out of dummy to allow for real cake to be incorporated
  • Sloped Cuts - A custom alternative to our stock wedges.  Use for Topsy Turvy designs.
  • Tapers - cutting the sides of the dummy so the top is narrower than the bottom
  • Half-Size - 1/2" is cut from the thickness of the dummy. (Must order a dummy that is the next size up, and provide comment info during checkout.)

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Product Name Qty Price
Half-Inch Thickness Cuts $1.50
Holes In Dummies - for support structures $1.50
Lamination $1.50
Notch Cuts $1.00
Sloped Cuts $3.00
Special Cuts $0.50
Taper Cuts $3.00
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